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Birthday Parties

All Fired Up presents the ultimate fun, affordable, and creative birthday packages for kids of all ages!

(download party packages and pieces)

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We provide:

 Multi-color balloons (5).  More balloons can be bought for an additional cost.

 Paper products: plates, napkins, and forks.

 Invitations: collect them at the studio.

 A Staff person will greet and facilitate the entire party from start to finish.

 A fabulous party experience!!

In Bethesda Only:  We are now offering cupcakes from Fancy Cakes by Leslie for $2.40 each.  Cupcake orders will be taken at the time of your reservation.

How It Works:

*  10 person minimum

    The maximum number of guests is 20 for Cleveland Park and 28 for Bethesda.  This includes ALL guests, parents, family, and friends.

* Parties are 1.5 hrs. long

*  The First step is to call the studio to speak to a staff person about availability and openings.

*  We then fill out a reservation form and take a payment of $65, which holds that day/time slot. This Reservation Fee guarantees you that date and time with us.  This does not go towards the final cost of the party.  It is in addition to the cost of the pottery.

We will call you two weeks prior to the party to receive the pieces you have selected for the party. 

*  We will call you one week prior for a final confirmation of kids and to ask for a list of the kids attending the party.  The names may be emailed to us, or you may call the studio directly with the information.  If you email us, please also include which studio you are having the party at.  We write the names on the bags that the kids color on when they first arrive. 

*  We use these bags to package their piece in after firing.  This makes for very easy distribution.

On the day of the party:

*  You will be greeted by our party facilitator

*  You will have a table to place cake, food, beverages and gifts.  We will help you set up!

*  As your guests come in they will be seated at the party table(s).  Each guest will have a large paper bag to color on until all guests arrive. (about 20 mins)

*  Once everyone has arrived, the staff person facilitating the party will provide an introduction to All Fired Up and the painting process.

*  Children will select one piece from the preselected pieces.

*  The staff person will distribute paints and kids will start painting.

*  We will mark on each piece the children's name or initals and a symbol which identifies the whole group as one party

*  When kids are finished painting, the staff will collect all the pieces and clear the table(s)

*  Drinks, food and cake can be served (we ask no pizza is served because grease stains the pottery, then paint will not adhere)

*  If time permits, kids will continue to draw on their party bags until they are picked up.  Drawing on our huge chalkboard is also another option.

 In 10 days your party pieces will be ready for pickup.  You will be called as soon as your party is completely packaged.   

 Each piece will be individually wrapped with the child’s name for easy distribution.

• Three weeks advance notice is suggested for all parties to ensure time and table availability.

• The maximum number of guests is 20 for Cleveland Park and 28 for Bethesda. If you plan
   on having a larger group, please call to arrange a private party in our studios.

Party Costs

• A $65.00 non-refundable reservation fee, which DOES NOT apply to the final cost of the
   party. This must be paid at the time of reservation.

• Cost of per-person party pieces.  The minimum is $19.00 per person which is to be paid at the time of the party

Rent the Studio!

In addition, you can reserve the entire studio for your very own private birthday party! You can bring food and beverages, including beer & wine. We'll make your private party a one of kind experience.  This is a popular choice especially for special occations and business outlings.

*note: We require a 3 week minimum advance notice to guarantee space availability.

We only book 2 studio rentals per studio a month on the weekend.  So, on any given month there can only be one rental per weekend.

You are given 2 hours for private studio rentals, more time can be given for a pro-rated fee.

The times available for WEEKEND ONLY Rentals:

Saturday:  9:00am-11:00am OR 7:00pm-9:00pm

Sunday:  9:00am-11:00 OR 5:00pm-7:00pm

The times available for WEEKDAY Rentals:

     We are flexible, please speak to the manager on the availability

Fees for Renting the Studio:

1.  Reservation Fee: $65

    - This is non refundable and is paid at the time of reservation.

2.  Studio Rental: $450.00

3.  Cost of pottery, which is not included in party rental fee.


55 People Max.-Bethesda Studio   /   45 people Max.-Cleveland Park Studio

Minimum of 20 painters to Rent the Studio out.

Party Invitations

We now have party invitations which you can download to your computer and mail to your guests. Click the graphic below for more details!  You can pick up invitations & envelopes at either store.

Birthday Guest Plate!

In addition you can purchase a Birthday Guest Plate; our staff can personally paint a special 8" birthday plate with your child's name and age. The plate can be signed by your guests at the party. Price: $25.00

Mosaic Party

Choose from one of our animal shapes and create your mosaic! $29 per person (all grouting included).