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Pottery Painting

All Fired Up has a huge selection of pottery to paint.  Our pottery prices range from $2.00-$60.00 with the average being $20-$25. No studio Fees or any additional costs! 

The following are price ranges of JUST SOME of the pieces we have.  Our selection of pottery is the largest in all of Metropolitain DC. 

We have Mugs from $19-$25
Figurines from $10-$25 (depending on size)
Boxes and Banks: $19-$24
Small Dishes and Salad Plates $14-$21 
Vases from $15-$25
Kitchenware from $15-$30

How it Works:

You select a piece of pottery to paint.  We have a design cernter and a huge display of the colors offered.  You can design your piece using any of our supplies, pour your own paints, and start painting away.  A staff person will walk you though the whole process; showing you the design center and paints and expain how to get started.  Once your finished, you leave the piece(s) on the table and we will take them to the backroom for glazing and firing.  We do all the glazing and firing on premiss.  Your materpiece will be ready in 7 days.  Sometime we have to increase the pick up time to 9 days during extremely busy times of the year.  Also, we garantee that your piece will be ready in that time frame.  A common questions is "will you call me when my piece is ready?"  Actually, we are a very busy place so we don't call.  At check out we give you a recipt with your pick up date.   We will hold onto your completed piece(s) for 30 days from your scheduled pick up date.  Rushing your pieces is possible for $5.00 per piece, but it also depends on our kiln schedule.  Please ask a staff person prior to painting if rushing your pieces is possible.

We have a fabulous selection of kitchenware, house hold items, platters, and so much more.  Our design center has stamps, stencils, tape, q-tips, dollies, silkscreens and much much more.  We have over 100 colors to choose from, a beautiful selection of underglazes, speckled, sparkly, puffy paints and designer liners.


You can make a reservation of 4 people or more by calling the studio.  We confirm all reservation on Monday for the whole week.  Sometimes the studio is rented out for private parties, so please call ahead to check availability. 

Groups of 12 or more require a $25 reservation fee.  This guarantees you table space for your group and we will organize and package your items for esay distribution.

We are a popular spot for school groups, office outings, bachelorette parties or just having a great time with friends and family. 



In addition, you can reserve the entire studio for your very own private party; anyone from groups such as non-profits, government organizations, private businesses, to individuals looking for a private space to create and have fun can rent the studio.  You can bring outside food and drinks.  We will arrange the tables and chairs according to your group size and/or event.  Whether it's an employee/family event or staff appreciation day, we will give your group an enjoyable, creative experience.

Studio Rental Fees and Times:

1.  Reservation Fee:  $65.00

2.  Studio Rental Fee:  $450.00

4.  Cost of Pottery Painted

Please Note: If your rental is scheduled during the times of our weekly specials, discounts are NOT given.  NO discounts are given during a rental. 


You have a two hour time slot, more time can be given for a pro-rated fee

Saturday:  9:00am-11:00am OR 7:00pm-9:00pm

Sunday:  9:00am-11:00 OR 5:00pm-7:00pm

During the Week:  Flexible with times

PLEASE NOTE:  We can only offer 2 rentals per month and 1 (one) per weekend.  First come first serve.