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Fused Glass

(Cleveland Park Studio only)

We are now offering three different sizes of glass fused pendants.

Small, $10.00
Medium, $14.00
Large, $18.00

We have many base sizes ranging from 3 inches to 12 inches round or square.

How it Works

You select the glass base. From our vast selection of glass bits and pieces, you glue down your design. We will Fused the piece in our glass kiln. You can make plaques, jewelry, and coasters to name a few projects. Pieces then can be shaped into bowls or plates (slumping) in a second firing. Pieces and prices include materials like hooks, bails.  The turnaround time from the time your finished to pick up ranges from 10-14 days.  We also call you when your glass project is ready. 

Slummping pieces into bowls and/or plates is an aditional $20.00







Here are some samples of bowls, plates, and a coaster set.  All the pieces get a full fuse in our glass kiln.  Only bowls and plates get slummped into a bisque mold for a second firing.